Large-Scale Forced Migration and the Intensification and Increased Scale of Humanitarian Crises

Persecution, conflict, insecurity and climate change have forced people to flee their homes in record numbers. For decades, the multiplication of crises and the increasingly protracted nature of displacement has led a growing number of refugees worldwide. In 2017 there were approximately 25.4 million refugees who fled their country of origin and 40 million people who are internally displaced; 3.1 million are asylum-seekers.

Key Insights

  •  By 2030, displaced people will become the fastest growing subgroup in humanitarian need.

  • By 2030, humanitarian stakeholders will focus more on strengthening the resilience of host communities

  • By 2030, the migration agenda will be increasingly securitized

  • By 2030, the legal framework for the protection of displaced communities will be out dated and unable to address the vulnerability of particular categories of people on the move