How can we help?

This is how Iaran can help you and your organization

Iaran proposes a multitude of services to for-profit or not-for-profit western organizations and individuals:

  • Strategy counseling

  • Workshops

  • Planning Studies

  • Foresight Studies

For every service done for a western organization, Iaran decided to offer the same service for free to a southern or newly founded non-profit organization in order to help develop the humanitarian sector.  


What we do

Other ways to collaborate with Iaran:

  • Sponsorship - a minimum contribution of 18K Euros per year is necessary. In exchange Iaran will create a foresight study and report on a subject (challenge) that your organization needs and will conduct a scoping (strategic) workshop for your organization.

More about what we do

Strategy Counseling

  • Providing guidance to help organizations and individuals achieve their goals;

  • Collaborating with organizations and individuals who operate in multiple areas and business sectors to help evaluate their environment and develop future-oriented strategies;

  • Helping individuals and organizations stay informed and master the future of their work environment;

  • Supporting individuals and teams as they evaluate growth strategies and plan implementation;

  • Evaluating ideas and opportunities and transforming them into sustainable, scalable, and fundable business plans;

  • Supporting professionals and organizations to increase their impact within their teams, environments, and communities.

Planning studies

  • Strategic planning - guiding the development of long or short-term plans for organizations taking into account their vision for the future, developing strategic goals, objectives, and tactics in order to help the implementation of their vision for the future in a timely manner.

  • Tactical planning - guiding complex organizational initiatives by developing a step-by-step plan focusing on the outcome desired by the organization.

  • Scaling - guiding the creation of strategies for organizations which are planning to expand strategically or geographically, commonly known as “scaling."

Foresight Studies

  • Working with organizations and individuals to help them envision and achieve their preferred future;

  • Developing and implementing plans and strategies proofed for the future using:

    • horizon scanning,

    • trend analysis,

    • scenario analysis,

    • report writing;

  • Conducting workshops in order to facilitate future-oriented debates and strategically-aligned conversations.


Our Foresight Method

The IARAN Foresight Method

The methods used by the IARAN for each report are based on our analytical toolkit. Our toolkit was initially developed in 2012 in partnership with Futuribles International, a leading centre for foresight studies. Over the years we have field tested and refined our methods in order to provide a service that is unique and adaptable to the humanitarian sector. We are now one of the longest serving providers of foresight analysis to operational aid agencies.

Many IARAN reports use a foresight technique called scenario analysis. With this method we look at past trends and emerging issues, to explore probable futures. This technique, used to break complex issues down into their components, helps to identify the key drivers of change. Scenarios are built, based on the different combinations of how these drivers may unfold in the future, with each a description of a possible future. Their intended use is as tools to allow decision makers to plan for a range of contingencies and strategize policies for a more preferred future.

The following is a brief overview of our foresight toolkit methodology:

Architecture - A conceptual representation of the system being studied. It is used to identify the drivers of change to be included in the analysis. Different scales and thematic areas are considered to mitigate the potential for cognitive bias.

Structural Analysis Matrix (also known as a MICMAC) - A network analysis technique using an adjacency matrix to calculate the sum of each driver’s influence and dependence on every other. These values are graphed to create a “map” of the system to provide insight into the structure of the system and how the drivers relate within it. 

Morphological Analysis - a means of exploring an array of possible futures and reducing them down to a limited number of plausible paths. For each of the most influential drivers identified in the previous step, several hypotheses are developed on how it could unfold in the future. Logical combinations are selected to serve as the basis for the scenarios.

Scenarios – A narrative account of a plausible future. Three to four are typically created. Each is distinct to best capture the array of potential contingencies. Wild Cards may also be added, representing less probable but more disruptive futures.