The IARAN team are fans of podcasts. If you are too, these are a fantastic way of learning whilst listening. 


seasonal migrations in india 

This is a podcast that summarizes the 'Seasonal Migrations of Marginalized (Tribal) Communities in Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan. A ' report. In these two states peaks of child malnutrition are regularly monitored when tribal communities return from seasonal migrations, questioning the potential relationship between the two phenomena. In order to support operational programming, advocacy and strategic decision-making, and knowing that the migratory cycle is a traditional pattern of the area, the analysis focuses on short-term, intra and interstate population movements that are essentially driven by the access to seasonal job opportunities.

audio recoRDING: the future of aid launch event in london 

This is a recording of a launch event that took place in London on the 20th of July 2017. It features a panel discussion between Action Against Hunger's Eilidh Kennedy, Chief Analyst of the IARAN, Wendy Fenton, Humanitarian Practice Network Coordinator at ODI, and Heba Aly, Director of IRIN News. The event was chaired by Mike Penrose, Executive Director of UNICEF UK and introduced and concluded by Michel Maietta, Director of Analysis and Strategy at Action Against Hunger.

Departing from the bay of bengal

Last year, the IARAN published an internal report for ACF Asia operations on regional migrations in the Bay of Bengal. This podcast is a sneak peak of the report and gives an overview of the migratory phenomenon in the region.

Refugees in Uganda

By August 2017, nearly one million South Sudanese had been displaced and the vast majority fled to the West Nile sub-region in Uganda’s northwest. Though Uganda has upheld its long-standing commitment to displaced people by settling these refugees, the sheer number is likely to put strain on services.

How can Uganda embrace this opportunity and set a standard for refugee management globally?