We are a collaborative hub of humanitarian professionals, with IRIS as our initiator, and we have decades of collective experience working within the sector. We self-manage and work across different operating aid agencies and governing bodies, but we come together, through the IARAN network, because we all share a common aim to make the humanitarian sector more strategic. This is our unique selling point.

Collaborative working is central to the ethos of the IARAN and is the basis of our operating model. Given the scale of the challenges facing humanitarian actors, we believe it is imperative that organisations are more open to sharing their resources, capacities and expertise – allowing all stakeholders involved to engage freely, effectively and efficiently and respond to the best of their ability.


We produce bespoke analysis and reports for operational humanitarian agencies, with foresight outlooks ranging from one to 15 years. We also work with organizations to develop future scenarios and build adaptable multi-year strategies at the country, regional or global level.


Humanitarian organisations operate in a very reactive environment. Working short-term makes it extremely difficult for humanitarians to act strategically and create systemic change to help crisis-affected people escape cycles of vulnerability. We provide humanitarian organisations with the analytical resources and foresight tools to plan more strategically, operate more collaboratively, and ultimately achieve greater impact with their programmes.


We are where you are. We are based all over the world, covering all regions affected by humanitarian crises and distress.


We'll work with you to determine your analysis needs and timeline, and how the IARAN strategy and foresight approaches can help meet your objectives and vision. We will then bring together a custom team of IARAN fellows to bring the project to fruition. The IARAN Facilitator is the initial contact for all projects, but once agreed, each project has a clear Lead Author who will serve as your primary point contact until it is completed.

We are always actively looking to build new partnerships or collaborate on projects, believing that the quality of our work and the work of our partners is strengthened by working together. Below are just some of the organisations we have worked with.


Banner photo above by Sergey Neamoscou