A brief history of the IARAN


The Inter-Agency Regional Analysts Network (IARAN) originated in the French think tank, Institut de relations internationales et Stratégiques (IRIS).

Our beginnings at IRIS have been key to the growth of our methodological base, the building of our toolkit and the development of a unique, robust and rigorous approach to foresight that combines qualitative and quantitative approaches.


The IARAN enters a 2-year test phase in the international NGO Save the Children, covering the regions of the Middle East and East Africa.


In 2014 we began strategically partnering with futures-oriented organisations, starting with the University of Naples. In later years this list expanded to include Futuribles and the Pardee Center for International Futures at the University of Denver and have allowed us to build a robust knowledge base. 


The IARAN moves to a pilot phase at Action Against Hunger / Action Contre la Faim, growing to a team of 15+ staff based all over the world, covering 4 regions, producing 50 foresight reports per year. 


The IARAN becomes a legal consortium of multiple agencies – IRIS, Action Against Hunger UK, Action Against Hunger France. 

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Today, we are the only foresight initiative that has operated for more than five years across multiple operational NGOs, and are actively seeking out new membership, in order to test our offering in different environments.

Our future, just as our beginnings, will rely on humanitarian organisations, academics, and private companies investing in the future by supporting innovative efforts like ours and as ever, taking systematic approach to achieving long-term impact.


The IARAN evolves to become a collaborative hub of humanitarian professionals