Michel Maietta - IARAN Facilitator


Michel Maietta is a Director of Research at IRIS, specializing in the geopolitics of development and the problematics of international aid. Michel is also the Director of the Humanitarian and Development department (HumaDev) at IRIS.

Having led the development of a thought leadership, analysis and intelligence unit in Save the Children International, Michel now facilitates the IARAN, throughout its current guise.

Current Projects

  • Leading the work on the Future of Financial Assistance

Eilidh Kennedy

EK image.jpeg

Eilidh is a Research Fellow focusing on humanitarian strategic foresight at The French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs (IRIS). In her capacity as a Research Fellow, she has published numerous papers and, teaches courses on analysis, scenario development and the humanitarian system.

Eilidh manages a number of global projects for the IARAN, and was co-author on the groundbreaking Future of Aid. Prior to this, Eilidh worked as a Regional Analyst for Save the Children based in Nairobi. In this post, she supported offices in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and South Sudan providing context and foresight analysis for regional operations teams and country offices. Eilidh has also worked with the humanitarian advocacy department at Save the Children in Washington DC.

Tyler Rundel

TR BW.jpg

Tyler holds a PhD 2016 in Geography from the University of Florida with a minor in tropical agriculture and a concentration in tropical conservation and development, a MS (2011) in regenerative studies (sustainability), and a BS (2008) in international relations with an emphasis on intelligence and security and a minor in women’s studies.

Tyler has led on many of IARAN’s core projects, including our reports on State Fragility, LGBTI, Food Systems and Hunger, as well as Action Against Hunger’s Country Strategies in India and Bangladesh

Current Projects

Amy Keith


Amy Keith has nearly 20 years of experience in humanitarian action, refugee response and post-crisis recovery. She has served in a broad scope of operational management, program development, policy and technical advisory roles with the International Rescue Committee, the Danish Refugee Council, Oxfam, Malteser International and the United Methodist Committee on Relief.

Amy’s interest in IARAN stems from her expertise in inter-agency coordination and coalition-building: collaborative work and collective action are key to systemic change. She holds a Master of Public Administration from the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Bates College.

Amy led on the IARAN’s core project of 2018, ‘From Voices to Choices’.

Isabelle Pelly


Isabelle has just finished up as the global programme coordinator for the Cash Learning Partnership, and will be moving to Haiti. From there, Isabelle is planning to work with IARAN on an exciting new project to envision the future of financial assistance in 2030, and exploring opportunities to work on shock-responsive social protection in country and in the Carribean more broadly

Current Projects

  • The Future of Financial Assistance to 2030

Matt Twilley

Matt - PresentingB&W.jpg

As Vodafone’s Head of Consulting and Innovation for Middle East and Africa, you can imagine that not only do I work with very corporate organisations in assisting them to achieve their vision and strategic pillars through workshops and ongoing consulting work, but I also work alongside many NGOs. As a company, we are very focused on business solutions for our customers. This means that we work closely with the C-Suite in each of our customers with the intent to project manage solutions that make a difference. We are very diverse and we work alongside multiple NGOs from across the world.

I became a IARAN Fellow, because I am passionate about making a real difference. I want to bring in the private sector angle to NGO strategic thinking and use my background of consulting and innovation to support futures preparation.

Current Projects

  • Use of Mobile Money Payment (M- PESA)

  • Smart water metering

  • Digital identity,

  • E-solutions through our Mezzanine solution on health, education and agriculture.


Robin Bourgeois

RB b&w.jpg

Robin is a “futurist” and senior researcher at CIRAD, currently posted at the Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation in South Africa. A member of the World Futures Studies Federation and member of the Editorial Board of the journal “Futures and Foresight Science”, he has worked for GFAR in Rome, CAPSA in Indonesia, IICA in Costa Rica and ISNAR in the Netherlands.

Robin joined the Fellows network because he feels connected to the values of the humanitarian sector and is convinced of the need to develop the capacity to use the future to better understand and act in the present

Current Projects

Robin’s work focuses on the futures of governance and the governance of the future, on futures literacy as a capability and believe in anticipation as an emancipatory process with applications to the future of rural areas, food security and conservation areas among other projects

Laura Jump

lej 2.jpeg

Laura is a humanitarian and development practitioner with a focus on capacity strengthening and local leadership. She is currently based in London working for On Our Radar which has projects across Africa, Asia and Europe.   

Laura joined the IARAN fellowship with an aim of continuing her learning from others. She is a passionate humanitarian with a strong belief in the power of collaboration, particularly when working with vulnerable communities. Her interest lies at the community and local levels, and how the global system can better design, deliver and evaluate itself based on the insight of lived experience.


Laura is currently focused on looking at the potential for communications and technological solutions to support marginalized and vulnerable communities. This includes exploring genuine user engagement throughout the design, delivery and evaluation process; alongside the critical elements for incentivising behaviour change when adding technological solutions to programmes. Her focus is on supporting the sector to better appreciate the need to build on existing knowledge and expertise in the locations where assistance is required.

Giulio Coppi

IARAN-Fellow-GiulioGuilio b&w.jpg

Giulio is currently the Digital Specialist (ICT4P) in support of Norwegian Refugee Council operations worldwide, and Humanitarian Innovation Fellow at the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs at Fordham University in NYC. Giulio has worked with humanitarian and human rights organizations for over 10 years, covering both field and HQ positions. He founded and leads an initiative for Open Source humanitarian Technology, and he is the promoter of the Humanitarian Blockchain Summit, currently at its second edition. 

Guilio joined IARAN because of an interest in joining a community of forward looking humanitarians, and engaging in a critical discussion on the future of the humanitarian sector beyond the mandate of a specific organization

Current Projects

Guilio is contributing to the development of a digital ecosystem at NRC, building data and digital literacy programs, and supporting digital initiatives at HQ and in the field. This includes researching how to introduce a dignified Digital ID system owned by individuals, developing an internal approach to DLTs and blockchain technology, contributing to the digitization of the legal assistance for refugees and populations displaced by conflict, guiding efforts to create local crowfunding projects, AI-powered education chatbots, school level info access points, among others.

Sigrid Kühlke


Sigrid is currently a Thematic Expert for Forced Displacement, Migration and Social Protection for the African Continent at the European Commission, European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operation office. She has worked in the humanitarian sector for more than 17 years for different INGOs based in Germany and abroad. Lately she has helped develop a social protection system that can respect humanitarian and protection principles in conflict zones.


Aarathi Krishnan


Aarathi is the Global Futures and Foresight Coordinator with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC). She has a background in development program management and policy, and has spent a lot of her early career working across Africa and Asia. Alongside her team currently, she is developing the Solferino Academy, a futures think and do tank initiative of the Red Cross Movement. Her work covers both training, research, horizon scanning and experiential futures, and she a specific interest in decolonised and feminist futures. 

Current Projects

  • Aarathi has been busy developing the global Red Cross Strategy for the entire network to 2030. This includes co-leading the design, consultation, analysis and writing which is sent across 191 countries for what the future Red Cross and Red Crescent network might look like over the next decade. Fir this, Aarathi has utilised a plurality of approaches including digital engagement, scenarios, and systems analysis. Read the strategy at www.ifrc.org/s2030

Marie-Rose Romain Murphy


Marie-Rose is the Founder of ESPWA, Inc. (Economic Stimulus Projects for Work and Action-acronym means hope in Haitian Creole), a transnational organization and a Haitian leadership network.  She’s the Co-Founder of the Haiti Community Foundation (Haiti’s first community foundation). She’s also the Founder and President of RMC, a management and strategy consulting firm. A multilingual professional with US and international experience, she has over 25 years of experience and a strong track record in community development, humanitarian projects and initiatives, philanthropy, marketing, executive leadership, social entrepreneurship and consulting. Her core interest is the creation of viable and sustainable pathways of development for low-income individuals, marginalized communities and developing countries.  Over the course of her career, Marie-Rose has worked as a project manager, an executive director, a deputy director and a consultant for local, regional, national and international organizations. 


  • The expansion and development of the Haiti Community Foundation as a national network of regional funds.

Leonie Le Borgne


Leonie works as a Technical Advisor in the Anticipation team of the Start Network which forecasts, funds, and mitigates predictable disasters around the world. Leonie's role centres on growing networks of pre-emptive thinkers at national, regional and global levels. Previously, Leonie worked for us as our Communications Officer. 

Leonie joined the IARAN fellowship because she believes that if we join forces from across the humanitarian sector and beyond, integrating new perspectives and thinking long-term, we can change it for the better.

Articles for IARAN

Current Projects

Leonie is currently working on setting up networks of humanitarians in various countries that anticipate disasters and act early to mitigate harm.

Mariana Merelo Lobo


Mariana is a humanitarian and development practitioner with specific expertise in collaborative leadership development, action learning, coaching and facilitation of groups and individuals. An accredited Associate of the Partnership Brokers association, Mariana combines over 15 years’ experience working with international humanitarian organisations in a variety of settings. She currently lives in the Netherlands, with her husband and two children.  

Mariana joined the IARAN fellowship because of a passion for humanitarian futures and a belief that the humanitarian collaborative practice needs to be ‘re-sourced’ beyond its existing paradigm. Mariana is also very keen to explore how her own experience and expertise can be put into action, together with other complementary sets of talents and passions.

Current Projects

Mariana is currently working in using learning from partnership experiences between INGOs and Local NGOs to improve humanitarian partnering practices. She is also doing partnership brokering: through scoping, managing and reviewing partnering practices, primarily in the humanitarian sector. Mariana is exploring how we can further use critical success factors in partnerships as a means to enable a more power balanced humanitarian eco-system.

Mahmoud Ramadan


Mahmoud is a strategic planning and design processes facilitator with expertise in collaborative leadership development, building social energy and community mobilization. Mahmoud currently lives in Brussels and manages his consultancy PLAYMAKER, which develops common spaces about re-development, peace building and community capital with/without geography. He is also co-founder of Syria Initiative (part of Common Space Initiative) in Beirut that aims to empower local peace builder networks.

Matt Thomas


Matt is a researcher and writer based in London. He currently works at the intersection of strategic foresight and data science for the British Red Cross, focussing on crisis-affected people in the UK. Matt also writes a column for anthropology magazine SAPIENS, exploring the human side of the so-called artificial intelligence revolution

Matt joined the IARAN for the opportunity to meet and collaborate with foresight experts from across the humanitarian ecosystem

Current Projects

  • Interactive maps showing British Red Cross’s presence across the UK along with the need for their services

  • A risk map of loneliness in the UK

  • Foresight research, in the form of horizon scanning, think pieces and ‘sense-making’ analyses