An Outlook on Hunger 

A Scenario Analysis on the Drivers of Hunger through 2030

This report was written with the aim of providing foresight into the drivers of hunger. There are a number of heavy trends that will continue to affect hunger through to 2030 such as economic inequality, population growth, climate change, and natural disasters. There are also a number of drivers, the evolution and impact of which on global hunger are uncertain, such as; possible financial crises, changes in trade and purchasing power, women’s empowerment, food policies, and conflict. These drivers with uncertain trajectories are the ones that can be more successfully targeted through interventions to affect positive change. This IARAN report analyses how these uncertain factors could evolve, and puts forward five scenarios describing what the world might look like in 2030 with regards to global hunger.

Through a better understanding of the network of factors that drive hunger and the courses by which it may evolve, we can make more informed decisions on how to end global hunger.