Complexity and strategic programming course

IARAN's commitment to empowering humanitarian decision makers is central to our initiative. These courses are designed for professionals in the economic, political, humanitarian or social sector who have a background or experience in project cycle management; for senior managers, leaders and executives seeking knowledge and know-how in terms of strategy and complexity management; for Bac +4 / 5 students looking for a professional and practical course in strategic programming.


the program

Module A - Analyzing Complexity (24h)

  • Identification of strategic issues in a complex environment

  • Definition and exploration of the architecture of a system

  • Analytical techniques and complexity reduction

  • Analysis of the actors' game and identification of strategic alliances

  • Scenario analysis

Module B – Strategic Programming (24h)

  • Make project cycle management agile in complexity

  • Building a system architecture from scenarios

  • Identification of strategic embryos

  • Strategic robustness tests

  • Strategic planning approaches and methods


The rhythm

Each module is autonomous but dependent, with the work organized into different groups. Each module is organized in 5 Tuesday sessions from 6pm to 9pm and 3 Saturdays from 10am to 1pm. The evaluation consists of group work and a 30-minute individual oral exam. A complexity and strategic programming certificate is given to trainees who have validated both modules.


Module B: 3 sessions:

  1. From 22 October to 26 November 2019

  2. From 10 March to 7 April 2020

  3. From 19 May to 23 June 2020

Module A, 3 sessions:

  1. From 17 September to 15 October 2019

  2. From 14 January to 11 February 2020

  3. From 14 April to 12 May 2020


For each of the modules:

  • Special price for non-members: 1,450 €

  • Special member rate: €1,250

  • Association/NGO member fee: €2,000 including tax (not member: €2,200 including tax)

LOCATION: IRIS, 2 bis rue Mercoeur, 75011 Paris, FRANCE


Michel Maietta


Eilidh Kennedy


This training is jointly facilitated by Michel Maietta, Director of Research at IRIS and Eilidh Kennedy, Researcher at IRIS. They studied foresight with Francois Bourse at Futuribles International (a Paris-based non-profit organization network), and quantitative analysis at the University Federico II in Italy.

Since 2012, they have led and contributed to nearly a hundred foresight and strategic planning works of IARAN (Inter-Agency Regional Analysts Network) created by Michel Maietta, after having led the creation of a strategic intelligence unit at Save the Children International (London) and Action Against Hunger (Paris).