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No single person sees the world in the same way. We are all different and this is to be celebrated. We all digest information in different ways, from the use of imagery, to statistics, in order to build persuasive arguments and alter perspectives. Film is no different, and in documentary style, provides a creative outlet for previous untold stories to shine, and showcase vulnerability not as a weakness to be shunned, but as a strength to be persevered.

Migration is often labelled as a ‘crisis’ in referral to the increasing numbers of people entering one particular country area, or region. Our report ‘Europe at a Juncture’, released in 2016 looked at the European situation and it’s evolution through analysing the key drivers of the crisis and presenting the transit routes used by most refugees. Four scenarios were presented which outlined how the crisis was likely to evolve between June 2016 and June 2018.

Each of the below films, produced and directed by Vincent Hejduk, IARAN Creative Director and Co-Founder of, focus on the issue of migration and displacement at large. Each tells the story of a different group who have overcome their challenges, despite living in distress and/or conflict.


Owen, Bashar, and Yasu are from three different worlds, but in a city that straddles two continents, this blend of cultures seems all too natural. They are three of 8-10 musicians from America, Turkey, Kurdistan, Syria, and Europe who have come together in Istanbul to form the band Country For Syria.


Hamida is 12 years old, she loves to sing. Sabine is a clown that works with children in refugee camps in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. The project she started called Caravan helps refugees build a story, any story they want, and then records them reading it.

someone was here

This group of refugees, migrants, and volunteers draw from their experiences and create dramatic performances with social and political statements that they perform any chance they get.



The migrant crisis and humanity’s response to it differs from place to place. In Greece almost all refugees are in camps run by the military, with NGOs and volunteers helping where and when they can. In Turkey, 90% of migrants are outside of camps. No one relies on the government to help, there is no large scale solution being applied nationwide.

There was a need

Tech is a relative newcomer to the refugee crisis, but its involvement has big implications across the board in the response to this situation. The most important thing is collaboration. Collaboration between those that are on the ground, and those that are in the office.


Sarra and Renata are part of a group of seasoned independent volunteers known as the 'Czech Team'. For six months they lived in and operated from a section of the port called the Stonehouse, a large stone warehouse that was home to over 1300 refugees.