In Uganda, homophobia is a harsh reality for LGBT people (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender). Religious, political and social institutions fuel the deeply rooted intolerance against this group and promote social exclusion through the national media. Since 2009, the country has tried several times to tighten its legislation against homosexuality.

These portraits, taken in Kampala and its outskirts over a series of trips in 2016, profile humanitarian leaders working across a number of grassroots organisations including the Youth on the rock Foundation, East Africa Visual Artist, Lady Marmaid Bureau, FEM Alliance Uganda and Cristid Crey Lighters. They work every day to improve the lived reality of their communities.

These photos below are being sold to create a scholarship fund for LGBT leaders in Uganda to attend the Humanitarian Leadership Program, certified by Deakin University. Click on a print to see it's full orientation. All dimensions are 20cm x 30cm.

Sergey Neamoscou, the artist behind this exhibit, has been working as a photographer for over a decade. As a gay man, Sergey was drawn to this project and is dedicated to supporting the cause of LGBT social inclusion globally, working in solidarity with the humanitarian leaders in Uganda. Follow Sergey on Instagram at - neamoscou

For more information about the photographs, or to purchase a limited print, please contact and quote the relevant print number. Price upon request. 

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