IARAN Fellowship Programme

The IARAN Fellowship program is an initiative through which analysts and futurist colleagues working on, or interested in, humanitarian affairs can share learning and experiences,  participate in trainings and publish articles on humanitarian analysis, foresight and strategy. 

Our Fellows

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Mariana Merelo Lobo

Mariana is a humanitarian and development practitioner with specific expertise in collaborative leadership development, action learning, coaching and facilitation of groups and individuals. An accredited Associate of the Partnership Brokers association, Mariana combines over 15 years’ experience working with international humanitarian organisations in a variety of settings. She currently lives in the Netherlands, with her husband and two children.

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Matt Thomas 

Matt is a researcher, data scientist and writer based in London. Matt provides foresight for British Red Cross, focussing on their UK services. Matt also writes a column for SAPIENS magazine about anthropology and artificial intelligence.


Leonie Le Borgne

Leonie works as a Technical Advisor in the Anticipation team of the Start Network which forecasts, funds, and mitigates predictable disasters around the world. Leonie's role centres on growing networks of pre-emptive thinkers at national, regional and global levels. Previously, Leonie worked for us as our Communications Officer. 

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Based in Stockholm, Jade works at Save the Children as their Chief Analyst. In this role she coordinates the organization’s network of Regional Analysts (the Context Analysis and Foresight Unit) and leads discussions on minimum standards for quality contextual analysis. From 2015-2017 Jade was the IARAN's Asia Analyst. 

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Sylvie Matelly

Sylvie is Deputy Director of IARAN member, IRIS where her work focuses on issues surrounding defence economics, arms industry, export control and corruption. In addition to her role at IRIS Sylvie is also an Associate Professor and head of the department of Finance, Economics and Law at the Léonard de Vinci Business School in Paris.  

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François bourse

François is is the Director of studies at Futuribles, a Paris based international, independent, private non-profit organization network on future studies that we have worked with in the past. He is also an Associate Professor at Cnam, a member of the innovation teaching team, the Research Chair of prospective and sustainable development.

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Giulio is currently the Digital Specialist (ICT4P) in support of Norwegian Refugee Council operations worldwide, and Humanitarian Innovation Fellow at the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs at Fordham University in NYC. Giulio has worked with humanitarian and human rights organizations for over 10 years, covering both field and HQ positions. He founded and leads an initiative for Open Source humanitarian Technology, and he is the promoter of the Humanitarian Blockchain Summit, currently at its second edition. 


Mahmoud Ramadan

Mahmoud is a strategic planning and design processes facilitator with expertise in collaborative leadership development, building social energy and community mobilization. Mahmoud currently lives in Brussels and manages his consultancy PLAYMAKER, which develops common spaces about re-development, peace building and community capital with/without geography. He is also co-founder of Syria Initiative (part of Common Space Initiative) in Beirut that aims to empower local peace builder networks.

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Based in Freiburg, Germany, Sigrid works as an independent expert, specialising in social protection in conflict settings. She holds degrees in social anthropology, and development economy and cooperation. Sigrid is an experienced field practitioner in humanitarian food assistance, nutrition and safety nets. Her primary focus has been on West Africa. Before beginning her new consultancy role, Sigrid worked for a number of different organisations, including: ACF, Oxfam, WFP, DG ECHO and World Bank. She is a convinced European, fluent in several European languages, and likes creating links between people from different backgrounds in order to create new dynamics.

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lesley bourns

Lesley Bourns is currently a Special Adviser to the Global Alliance on Humanitarian Innovation (GAHI), based in New York.  Lesley has worked on humanitarian policy and practice for the United Nations as well as NGOs in the Middle East and Africa, as well as for human rights organizations, including the International Center for Transitional Justice. 




Aarathi Krishnan

Aarathi is the Global Futures and Foresight Coordinator with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC). She has a background in development program management and policy, and has spent a lot of her early career working across Africa and Asia. Alongside her team currently, she is developing the Solferino Academy, a futures think and do tank initiative of the Red Cross Movement. Her work covers both training, research, horizon scanning and experiential futures, and she a specific interest in decolonised and feminist futures.