Matt Twilley

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As Vodafone’s Head of Consulting and Innovation for Middle East and Africa, you can imagine that not only do I work with very corporate organisations in assisting them to achieve their vision and strategic pillars through workshops and ongoing consulting work, but I also work alongside many NGOs. As a company, we are very focused on business solutions for our customers. This means that we work closely with the C-Suite in each of our customers with the intent to project manage solutions that make a difference. We are very diverse and we work alongside multiple NGOs from across the world.

I became a IARAN Fellow, because I am passionate about making a real difference. I want to bring in the private sector angle to NGO strategic thinking and use my background of consulting and innovation to support futures preparation.

Current Projects

  • Use of Mobile Money Payment (M- PESA)

  • Smart water metering

  • Digital identity,

  • E-solutions through our Mezzanine solution on health, education and agriculture.