Marie-Rose Romain Murphy


Marie-Rose is the Founder of ESPWA, Inc. (Economic Stimulus Projects for Work and Action-acronym means hope in Haitian Creole), a transnational organization and a Haitian leadership network.  She’s the Co-Founder of the Haiti Community Foundation (Haiti’s first community foundation). She’s also the Founder and President of RMC, a management and strategy consulting firm. A multilingual professional with US and international experience, she has over 25 years of experience and a strong track record in community development, humanitarian projects and initiatives, philanthropy, marketing, executive leadership, social entrepreneurship and consulting. Her core interest is the creation of viable and sustainable pathways of development for low-income individuals, marginalized communities and developing countries.  Over the course of her career, Marie-Rose has worked as a project manager, an executive director, a deputy director and a consultant for local, regional, national and international organizations. 


  • The expansion and development of the Haiti Community Foundation as a national network of regional funds.