Mariana Merelo Lobo


Mariana is a humanitarian and development practitioner with specific expertise in collaborative leadership development, action learning, coaching and facilitation of groups and individuals. An accredited Associate of the Partnership Brokers association, Mariana combines over 15 years’ experience working with international humanitarian organisations in a variety of settings. She currently lives in the Netherlands, with her husband and two children.  

Mariana joined the IARAN fellowship because of a passion for humanitarian futures and a belief that the humanitarian collaborative practice needs to be ‘re-sourced’ beyond its existing paradigm. Mariana is also very keen to explore how her own experience and expertise can be put into action, together with other complementary sets of talents and passions.

Current Projects

Mariana is currently working in using learning from partnership experiences between INGOs and Local NGOs to improve humanitarian partnering practices. She is also doing partnership brokering: through scoping, managing and reviewing partnering practices, primarily in the humanitarian sector. Mariana is exploring how we can further use critical success factors in partnerships as a means to enable a more power balanced humanitarian eco-system.