Koenraad Van Brabant


Koenraad for the past three decades has been working mostly in and on conflicts, as a humanitarian actor and peacebuilder. Thematic areas of expertise are conflict- and peace analysis, working with conflict-sensitivity, participatory action approaches and peacebuilding. He likes to zoom in and out, seeing the bigger picture but also the relevant detail, and promotes reflective practices as part of the tactical and strategic navigation of complex and volatile environments. He also works on collaborative approaches, from individual interpersonal skills, to healthy teams, partnerships between organisations and more complex multi-stakeholder processes. He is an experienced facilitator and accredited partnership broker.

Koenraad joined the IARAN fellowship because he is concerned about how ‘humanitarian’ the future will be of a US $ 28 billion/year industry, and how its Western dominance will play out in a world that is rapidly changing geo-politically. He would also like to use foresighting to stimulate dialogue processes on the ‘peacefulness’ or not of our possible futures – expanding on some experiences with ‘scenario’ building in e.g. South Africa and Colombia.

Two particular areas of current engagement in the humanitarian sector are ‘localisation’ (reinforce rather than replace local and national actors) and substantive participation of crisis-affected populations.