Aarathi Krishnan


Aarathi is the Global Futures and Foresight Coordinator with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC). She has a background in development program management and policy, and has spent a lot of her early career working across Africa and Asia. Alongside her team currently, she is developing the Solferino Academy, a futures think and do tank initiative of the Red Cross Movement. Her work covers both training, research, horizon scanning and experiential futures, and she a specific interest in decolonised and feminist futures. 

Current Projects

  • Aarathi has been busy developing the global Red Cross Strategy for the entire network to 2030. This includes co-leading the design, consultation, analysis and writing which is sent across 191 countries for what the future Red Cross and Red Crescent network might look like over the next decade. Fir this, Aarathi has utilised a plurality of approaches including digital engagement, scenarios, and systems analysis. Read the strategy at www.ifrc.org/s2030