Institut de relations internationales et Stratégiques (IRIS)

IRIS, a public-interest association created in 1991, is a French think tank which focuses on geopolitical and strategic issues. It is the only international think tank to have been set up as a totally private initiative in an independent approach and their activities can be divided into four fields: research, organisation of events and meetings, publishing and training.

Our beginnings at IRIS have been key to the growth of our methodological base, the building of our toolkit and the development of a unique, robust and rigorous approach to foresight that combines qualitative and quantitative approaches.


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Humanitarian Foresight Think Tank 

This think tank is dedicated to foresight in the humanitarian sector. It will serve as a platform which brings together work done within IRIS, on long-term strategic planning in development work all around the world. Our reports often include scenarios, trends and outlooks of up to 15 years into the future.


The Humanitarian and development programme

Training is the cornerstone of the Humanitarian and Development Programme. Courses are built on research findings and lessons learned through experimentation and action, and aim to build strategic capacity for professionals in the humanitarian and development sector. The Programme’s research activities are focused on strategic planning, geopolitics, international relations and organisational leadership. Its work analyses critical changes in the humanitarian system, their major driving forces and leveraging these changes strategically.


   Stand UP                                 

Stand Up events are panel debates on humanitarian issues. Each event features a main speaker and a rebuttal panel providing a counter-view.  Following the debate questions are open to the floor for audience participation. They’re held throughout the school year and are hosted at IRIS, but the events are open to everyone