Centre for Humanitarian Leadership 

The Centre for Humanitarian Leadership is the first in the Australasian region to deliver collaborative-based education, research and technological innovations for the humanitarian sector.

Collaboration and partnership are an integral part of the Centre’s operations, and of its beginnings. Only by working together, and with other humanitarian and private sector organisations can we be able to create the space for innovation and affect the change in humanitarian response that is so urgently required.

For more information visit www.centreforhumanitarianleadership.org


Graduate Certificate for humanitarian leadership 

We work with CHL to develop The Graduate Certificate in Humanitarian Leadership, an 8 month intensive leadership course designed specifically for humanitarians to transform the leadership offered by humanitarians and their organisations. The course uses a matrix of six leadership behaviours to analyse and improve the organisational processes, strategic thinking and leadership capabilities required to deliver humanitarian assistance in the most challenging contexts.

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CHL play a part in commissioning reports they wish the IARAN to analyse and examine. With CHL, we conducted a launch event for the Future of Aid. 



Our Asia-Pacific Analyst is housed at CHL and contributes not only to our regional portfolio, but also is influential in building strategic analysis and thought with the Centre.